Born in Long Beach, California, Alice moved to the lush marshes of Beaufort, South Carolina and then to a row house in the inner city of Baltimore, Maryland. She attended college in the hills of Northwest Georgia and now enjoys the ocean breezes of Northeast Florida. Growing up in a very intellectual and creative family produced an atmosphere of innovation and discovery, which led Alice to begin drawing and painting at an early age.

College led her to expand her interest in the natural world, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology and later in art as well. Alice painted for the next twenty-five years exhibiting in galleries, shows and festivals winning various awards. Her painting style was representational reflecting her love of nature. Also important was a love of the medium, proficiency of technique, sharing by teaching, relaxing for therapy, producing income and deriving satisfaction by gaining attention as an artist.

As life got more complex, she was destined to add another means and intent of expression. She began working on her Master's degree in drawing and painting when her life's journey took many twists and turns that inevitably led to a new body of work that came forth to complement her ongoing nature works. At this time, a great satisfaction was derived from succumbing to the demands of the intuitive world within to express feelings and ideas and in the process, producing a visual narrative.

Creating this narrative usually begins with a series of abstractions in bringing forms onto the page, with pen in hand, on the blank canvas. Reaching into the depths of her soul, a visual story is produced, demanding escape from the artist and an audience with the viewer.

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